“What I did not know was the effect cortisol can have on your body, and how we can be stressed on so many levels. What I learned was some skills to cope with stress…, time management, exercise, how to have realistic goals. All of which many of us know….but having it explained in a concise and often humorous way made sense of it all. I found these workshops very helpful….there is so much information on these topics out there….and in our heads…it can be hard to make sense of it all ! Deborah broke it all down into simple facts and helped everything become clearer. I felt energized by the workshops and as one who is not so keen on workshops this is praise indeed!” Rita

“After one week I left a toxic event which I would never have done if I hadn’t been to Deborah’s workshop. I have been making sure I build relationships with the people who I actually want to be with.”  Ahlia

“I really wanted to get through the next few years feeling well and without medication. The workshops really helped me with this – I now know how having breakfast sets you up for not just the whole day but how you will sleep as well. I am feeling so much better. Thanks so much for all the good ideas.” Helen