Why I’m Glad HRT Didn’t Work For Me

I realise now that I am actually grateful that HRT didn’t suit me. I know it sounds crazy but if it had, I wouldn’t have had to continue my research to get better and I wouldn’t have stumbled on my two big secrets which were the turning point for me, and now other women.

My First breakthrough

Was learning just how much stress makes our symptoms worse. That is why stress reduction tools are in all my programmes right from the beginning.  

If you don’t reduce stress first, it doesn’t matter how hard you try to sleep or change your diet… stress causes sugar cravings… and the stress hormone stops the production of the growth hormone which we need at night to repair our bodies and brains from daily wear and tear.

My Second Breakthrough

Was also really interesting. I realised that even if you had all the menopause info in the world, it DOESN’T make any difference IF you don’t apply it to YOUR day and if you don’t know what bit comes first.

Therein lies the secret.

You have to first know what YOUR biggest daily stressors, triggers and hidden saboteurs are so that you can start tackling them. Otherwise, the info is arbitrary and overwhelming.  

If you don’t sort this out then you are looking at sliding down the hormonal flight of stairs and frankly who wants that??? 

The secret to managing your menopause so it becomes THE best phase of your life, not the worst is in your DAY. 

You know from work, that you need a baseline so you know where you are, and then how to get back to where you want to be – at the top of your game. This will stop you lurching and trying to manage your menopause symptom by symptom.

Each day is where you live your life, make those tiny decisions – good and bad that can have a massive impact – good and bad…Then you need a realistic plan with measurable goals.. 

That is it really.

It took me 4 years to work all this out, now you don’t have to as I have done it for you.

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