Why Do Women Over 40 Put On Weight?

According to Dr Tara Allmen the reason women put on more midriff weight once they hit 40 is because of their hormones.

She is a doctor who actually specialises in medicine for women over 40. There is a huge knowledge gap in medical care for our age group gals so check out her site drallmen.com

We are hit with a double, no, a triple whammy. No, a quadruple whammy.

In our 40s, we need to start making good lifestyle choices if we have been avoiding them.

BUT in our 40s if we are experiencing perimenopausal symptoms like insomnia or brain fog, we are not always in a good position to make good choices. If you don’t sleep we are hormonally wired to crave carbs and sugar for energy.

AND we don’t need to eat as much food as we did when we were younger because our thyroid which controls our metabolism starts slowing down. But we do keep eating the same so where does the food go? The tummy usually….

PLUS we think that our willpower is the solution and we keep on starting diets and then stopping them and think it is our fault when we fail. Dr Susan Peirce Thompson is brilliant on explaining why willpower is over-rated.

SO what to do?


Here is ONE simple thing you can do


Yes that is right, if you have planned and prepared your meals in advance and have healthy meals and snacks in your bag when you need them, then hey presto you are less likely to make a bad decision and go and buy a pizza. This way you are not leaving anything to chance or rather, to your hormones…

If you want ANOTHER easy tip
Just eat less at every meal.

Let me know how you get on.

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