Why Being Kind Is Good For You

When you are stressed.

Well, when I was stressed.

And when I feel myself getting stressed now, I know it makes me introspective and usually grumpy with other humans and road users.

However I learnt that a quick way to de stress was to be kind as it lowers your cortisol and raises oxytocin which is a hormone which reduces blood pressure and all other good things.

So in my anti stress workshops I put in a section on tracking our acts of kindness. It was so interesting. It makes you realise that most of the time, it really is not worth getting irritated.

I tried to be nicer to the guard at the gym. Frankly I think he is a curmudgeonly old sod who always tells me I’ve parked wrong but never tells any of the men if they have and lets them double park and get in the way.

It drives me nuts. Far more than it should. So I tried being nicer to him. First he just stared at me then he sort of grimaced back. Now I always try to smile at him. No matter what. I DO feel a better human being.

Why don’t you give it a go?

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