What’s Your Plan Now Then?

So now you have had a bit of an overview of the different components of your life which you need to pay attention to when you are over 40.

You do as well if you are under 40 but I am just focusing on the over 40s at the moment.  Give me time, give me time, I will get to the rest…

What is your plan then?

What area do you think you want to pick to concentrate on for at least 3 months?  I would say just choose one and stick at it.

100 days is about the time it takes to create a habit so that is where the 3 months comes in.  Set yourself up for success by making and tracking one or two small daily changes. Is it learning to meditate?  Is it getting more exercise?  Is it eating more vegetables?  If you find your food and your eating is really chaotic and poor quality – focus just on that.

You will be amazed what you can do when you focus.

The key is to just to add 5 minutes or 10 minutes each day just a nudge here and there will be sustainable.  Set goals for your kids as well if you can and make changes together.  Or set an office goal for example to all use the free gym or help each other make better lunch choices.

It is called friend power apparently not willpower!   It doesn’t matter how beautiful your goals are, if you are accountable to no-one for them, it is that much easier for them to slip by the way side.

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