Two Year Anniversary

Hello From Dar,

29th SEPTEMBER 2014 – My Two Year Anniversary. Thanks to facebook for telling me…

This was my FIRST post.

I have been writing a blog about the menopause. Don’t log off! It is funny. Can you all please read it when you have a minuteā€¦..?? Nick le Souef (my cousin) – it is full of excellent grammar and punctuation as well as swear words – sorry about the latter but what is a girl to do eh? I will be turning it into a comic book in the future. Any feedback much appreciated.

Lots more to update you on in year three….I might even stick to a schedule this year!

Do you like the photo of the forecourt round the corner from my house? I will stop the suspense and let you know WHY I used it.

Two years – 2 books, and one online course later…

Well the second book is nearly finished and the course is in draft. I didn’t want you to think that I have completely lost my peri-menopausal skills.

This nice car company have thoughtfully provided me with a GREAT turning spot for when I forget where I am going and need to turn round. It is at least once a day. The dogs love it as Eileen doesn’t end up in the glove box, usually. I love it because it is so big, there is no need for sweaty 25 point turns. I can even get up a bit of speed.

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