Twice In One Week

I know what you are thinking but you are wrong. It is this;

I love Homeland and Carrie Mathison, who I swear is also perimenopausal as well as bi-polar. It is a wonderful series. I was however, horrified earlier this week when my husband told me,”You are just like Carrie Mathison”.

Actually he might have been a tiny bit shouty at the time. That stopped me in my tracks.

Worse, when I told my friend, my partner in tablet heaven friend, she did NOT reply as I expected. She did NOT immediately leap up and say, “No of course you are not like her, one tiny bit. He is COMPLETELY wrong.”

She said instead, quite calmly, for a perimenopausal woman, “I always thought of you more like Phoebe in friends”.

Now I always thought Phoebe was frankly rather irksome and my least favourite character. “What?” I spluttered all over her living room. I love her living room by the way, very elegant and always tidy, despite having 3 children.

Back to hubs.

I told him I was less than impressed with his comment and could he please explain himself calmly. He pointed out, “She does seem to be on a bit of a knife edge sometimes, quite a lot of the time actually, and have a mad look in her eye, but I shouldn’t worry as you don’t have that look all the time.”

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