Time To Review

So how did you do with your goal setting?  Did you track each day?  I find that if I don’t track each night, it is easy to start forgetting as the days merge into each other.

The most important thing is not to beat yourself up if you didn’t do as well as you hoped.  I was always doing that and didn’t focus on what I did do.  Much better to be pleased with what you did do and remember there is always next week.

Were there any particular barriers that you need to sort out?  An unreliable friend who kept cancelling the planned walk? Too tired to shop for veggies so bought a take away.

Keep a record so you can be in a better position this week.

What is this week’s goal?

What calendar do you use for all you appointments?  Use the same one to track your meditation, your veggies etc.

Keep going.  Remember you are part of a movement and we are changing the world – one breath, one squat and one mouthful at a time! A quiet revolution…

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