The Lie In

I would love to know if any of this is at all familiar.

I had just managed to get to sleep. It was just before 5am. Oh no he woke, up and was swearing at the mosquito net as his knee was trapped in it trying to get out to go to the loo.

How did I know it was before 5am?

The Imam was calling the faithful to prayer at the nearby mosque. It was still dark. Hubs snapped on the bathroom light, and left the door open. Bright light flooded into the previously peaceful room.

“Why can’t he pee in the dark?”, I asked myself not for the first time.

He was ages and then all three dogs started barking outside as the new guard arrived. Tiny Treasure, who was then 10 and who was tucked in between us – stirred. She sat bolt upright, muttered something, got up and went out of the room, slamming the door shut.

Hubs came back to bed, having closed the bathroom door shut with force, just in case it didn’t close. He gave a huge yawn. His yawns are quite particular and certainly the noisiest I have ever heard.

He was now awake, so he got up again. He shuffled out of the bedroom BUT left the door open, so it could slam itself closed this time. This took approximately 6 attempts by the door building up its bangs each time until it was finally satisfied. Once it was closed, it was just as quickly opened – again with force – and Tiny Treasure came and asked if she could use the iPad.

She left the room and guess what? The door leapt out of her hand and it banged shut again. “Sorry Mum”, she yelled.

Shortly after that I heard them whispering outside the offending door, they were telling each other to keep quiet because mum was still asleep.

It was 5.45am…

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