Simple Really

So it really is simple. To improve your quality of life and the lives of those around you, I can now distill everything I have learned in the past three years into SEVEN words for the first “level” of input for your life.

Relax, be kind, be social and sleep

Followed closely by the next SEVEN words for level two;

Eat well and move all the time

Then level three is THREE words

Plan, review, repeat

See – very simple.

Not terribly catchy I know. Probably not even new or ground-breaking. My personal experience however has shown me that it is NOT so simple to actually as such DO this.

There is masses, just masses of information out there in the health and wellness space BUT I found it all so overwhelming.

Which bit do you do first and how?

There seemed to me little available explaining how to integrate changes into your daily life. Your day, your 24 hours is YOUR unit of operation. It is everyone’s unit of operation.

Or actually let me clarify – I found that there IS info on how to integrate maybe ONE thing into your life. That one thing might be different food or exercise or sleep. BUT what I learned was that there is no point just looking at your food and weight if you aren’t sleeping.

Or only looking at exercise if you are stressed.

Then you need to know what to do with all the information that you suddenly have. We are in the age of information-itis. It all has to be curated, integrated and sequenced so that it is NOT overwhelming. Then you need to have support on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual basis so that you don’t lose motivation.

The whole package seemed to me to be the key and the missing ingredient when I was struggling. It’s because I didn’t get most of what I have written about right, that I now have something to share.

So don’t ever think that I had it all right or even do yet. As soon as I fix one part then I find re-adjustment is necessary in another part of my life I may have neglected or I fall into bad habits again. Once a workaholic always a workaholic…

I am a biochemical, shining example of a constant work in progress.

This ends my little mini series on lifestyle issues. Final article on stuff and then a break for the holiday.

More in my weekly articles. You should get them each Monday if the magic email app is working and on others days if it isn’t…

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