Love People Not Things

Great quote from The Minimalists.

Despite all the swanky kit we can get, research is showing that people in the western world are increasingly disconnected from each other and are lonely.

We are herd animals and phones and computers are not substitutes for this. It was interesting in the workshops how many women – including myself – said we prioritised this set of people but basically our daily actions didn’t match out alleged goals.

Particularly with our kids. They just want us happy not tired and grumpy.

I am tracking how often I phone my 90 year old father. I was phoning him but not often enough and days would slip by. Just not good enough. Without tracking my goals though I would simply forget.

So who are your big 5 special peeps? Are you prioritising them over others?

Women need to be really clear on who are peeps are, as estrogen makes us over-please. By setting our parameters we know who we are saying yes to. Otherwise we can find ourselves drifting in a sea of being niceness, but still not having time for that friend who needs us or notice a child who wants a chat.

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