I Was A Man

Until I was 44. No I hadn’t had a sex change, but I had rather concertina-ed all my girly bodily functions into just FIVE YEARS. Prior to which I was a man or rather an honorary man, in a world where there still weren’t many woman.


It all changed when I got pregnant at age 44

Darling baby appeared and then I started the “many paws”.

Most women are maybe less extreme and spread all these functions out to give themselves a bit of a break in between. I realise that I was sleep deprived as a new mother and then went straight into being sleep deprived because I was peri-menopausal. No wonder I obsessed about it so much.

I had sailed through my pregnancy, I was extremely fit and cycled and went to the gym, including doing spinning classes till my legs couldn’t go on the pedals because of the bump.

I definitely did not read anything, as having started one book, the list of things that could go wrong was too horrendous to bear. I even heard of varicose veins in your jacksie. Yuk. The worst I had was a bit of constipation and that was bad enough.

I went to the ante natal classes, always late from work and always in the rush. They didn’t tell me anything really useful like how to take care of your baby and how to put it to sleep or what to do with it on the first day you would be alone at home.

I was surrounded by a group of professional women who were all having their first babies, we were all better at our work than being “about to be” parents and we were all clueless. Jolly but clueless.


Once she was born, I realised that there were not just two human species but three

  1. There are men who are single or partnered and who DO NOT have children.
  2. There are women who are single or partnered and who DO NOT have children.
  3. Then there are parents who by definition have children.

I moved from the first category at the age of 45 into the the third category – overnight.

I decided about a year ago that I needed to learn far more about ALL our key hormones, not just estrogen and progesterone. In fact we need to know about them from school age, so as to be ready for each decade and phase of our lives.

I started thinking that learning about hormones at 45 was far too LATE.

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