A Hectic Quarter

I had such an adventurous period January to April 2015, that I didn’t manage to say happy new year until April. In my life, April WAS the new January.

I remember in January and February I was completely SNOOKERED most of the time. Oh yes, and as if I could forget. After 8 months of no periods, in January I had PMS and a period which lasted 10 minutes. Repeat in February – exactly 4 weeks later. 2 x 10 minute periods – I kid you not.


In March I decided I must stop eating worms

I got amoebic dysentery from yukky food when I was taking part in the Kilimanjaro Marathon. The scenery and the event were fabulous but the hotel food was really dire. Shortly after finishing the half marathon (I walked it before you get too impressed), when we were all back at the hotel enjoying the weather and the facilities I started being sick.

I can’t remember how I got on the plane back to Dar es Salaam but I did. I went straight to the clinic and was on a drip to get re-hydrated. I then had 10 days of antibiotics which feel like barbed wire scraping out your guts. That is what they do to get rid of the bugs.

You wouldn’t believe it, but at the same time I was sick at the marathon I also had a spot INSIDE my nose. OMG the pain. I didn’t want to talk about it, but I couldn’t stop, as I had to share how horrid it was. It actually made my nose swell up so that if you looked at me straight on, I looked lopsided. It wasn’t a spot actually but an abscess and completely gross.

Once I had finished the food poisoning and ghastly nose boil…

I started my scheduled 10 days of progesterone tablets.

These are designed to scrape out the lining of your uterus so that nothing untoward builds up inside you. The experience was appalling. It was like some sort of mutant before and after – but not in a good way.

I had an ordinary two weeks planned out in March. Within 10 minutes of taking them, I was in bed and stayed there weeping and wailing and sleeping in the day and not sleeping at night time.

I lost 10 days of my life.

I felt like Sigourney Weaver in Alien frankly. From the first tablet, there was a huge deluge of blood, Second, I was a horrendous horrid, old cow. Third I was so, so TIRED. I hadn’t realised that there would be side effects.

I spoke to a friend going through the same thing and she said she had had to stop taking progesterone only tablets as well as they were ‘vicious’. She was back on the pill, 15 pounds heavier than usual but at least able to get through the day. She hadn’t been told about the possible side effects of the tablets and neither had I.

I also hadn’t looked up anything about the tablets either frankly. I had just started taking them as it was the negative, scary thought of getting cancer that I focused on.

My hubs kindly said that I would have to go and live on a farm on my own three times a year for 10 days if I continued taking them according to the recommended dosage. I decided I wouldn’t take any more and do a bit more research…

Not good. Any other progesterone-only HRT experiences out there?

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