Fits And Starts

Alright everyone, those of you who have kindly been with me for the past two years, will know what I mean by fits and starts.

I start for a few months and then I have a fit or school holidays get in the way…

So yup here I am again. I can’t say never again to fits and starts – I am a tiny bit anxious to do that just in case. You are entitled to think that I have been completely loafing for the past few months but I haven’t, I promise…. I now have episode one of my new cartoon strip “Dogs in Dar”. You will all be able to download it as soon as I learn how to make the links and then send it to you in my next post.

I suspect many of you who live in Dar es Salaam will recognise Eileen on the front cover. It is still absolutely true and fair to say that she continues to dislike children immensely. But she does love me very much so frankly…
My second book The Darling Menopause – SORTED will be out December 16th 2016 and will be followed by an on-line course in early 2017 to help women get over the christmas holidays and prepare for the next one. Well that is the idea. It is good for accountability to give deadlines so I have to get my finger out. So that is the author-y bit updated.

In the next few weeks I will be writing more on the activist-bit. You may have noticed the addition of this fabulous new word to my strapline. I am now fully focusing all my new found hormone health on sorting out the planet.

I have had the teeniest, weeniest bit of skin cancer which meant I have had two operations in the past 6 weeks. All clear now. I have an annual check up so it was caught nice and early. Hope you all check YOUR lumps and bumps every year. Especially if you are a whitey with buggered skin like me. That isn’t what the doctor wrote though, he said, “I would recommend that you have continued skin surveillance given your lifetime sun exposure…”

If you see me around Masaki looking rather robotic you know why. Even though my skin cancer wasn’t remotely life threatening, it has been quite good, in a perverse way, to have something to increase the spring in my step and remind me to focus and not waft about all over the shop.

Well I am trying.​​​​​​​

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