And The Dish Ran Away With The Spoon

For about a month I couldn’t stop singing the whole nursery rhyme. Ever since I lost my breakfast one morning that was.

I always tried so hard to be organised. It is really important when you have to get up SO early to do the school run. I would get as much done the night before but frankly I don’t know why I bothered. Unless my key items were chained to me, I still misplaced them all the time.

It is called brain fog, memory loss and other lovely things like that. I seemed to have it most of last year. I had read that you needed to exercise your brain otherwise it was all downhill, so I downloaded an app called PEAK, recommended to me by a friend. She had been playing it surreptitiously in the second row from the front, at the theatre during the annual children’s show. That had nothing to do with the peri-menopause, anyway back to the app.

I had put my age in and then played the assessment games which included memory, probability, problem solving and other key right hemisphere, executive function skills. Hmmm… I really wasn’t firing on all the cylinders for my age.

I could do the word pairs when you have to decide which sets of words mean the opposite and which mean the same. BUT where I really needed to retrain my synaptic connections was in the memory games.

The one I had done was where you got shown a shape and you had to tick yes or no to a series of other images while you decided if it was the same or not. It got faster and then started adding the question – was it similar to the previous one.

OMG, I was sweating.

That was the one that my friend was doing in the theatre. She wasn’t sweating though.

The other one I couldn’t do very well (YET), was the one which had a cube and you had to memorise where the crosses were. You then chose a path for the exploding circles to get to each other without using any of the boxes which have crosses hidden in them. It started out with only 9 squares in easy to remember formations, but then rapidly tried to kick your ass by increasing the numbers of the boxes and the configurations of the crosses.

I just hoped that this brain training would help me remember where I had put things. There was no doubt other glorious decade symptoms had come and gone and returned and gone again. BUT this wafty, forgetfulness has stayed firmly put…

That particular morning I had made my breakfast, quinoa flakes heated up with home made coconut milk, to which I had added a drizzle of chia seeds and a soupçon of flaxseeds. I topped this with a half cup of berries – rasp to be precise.

This delectable mixture was placed, note the use of the passive voice, on the small table in the kitchen by the door through which I always leave the house from. It is, therefore the place where I put everything that has to leave with me, apart from my child. She is a bit big to put there. I should though, as I don’t always remember her either.

So this bowl was sitting there happily waiting to be ingested. It waited and it waited. Five minutes after putting it there, I started looking for it, in the usual places.

I yelled, “have you seen my breakfast?” ” No,” TT yells back. I dove under the mosquito net, “Is it here, did I give it to you?” No not under the mossie net. There are lots of other things under the mossie net. Two books, one phone, one watch, one pair of lopsided glasses, one computer and 2 t-shirts. And Hubs.

It was 6.13am.

We had been in perfect time before this. Then it was 6.14am – time for one more look – in my bedroom, the bathroom, the living room, TT’s room, the kitchen. It was nowhere to be seen. Then I started swearing about the bloody pixies which seemed to inhabit my house and after messing up your hair at night move onto making mischief with your keys, your phone and your breakfast.

It was 6.23am.

No good, we would have to leave. So we did. Without my breakfast. I walked straight past it, as I already had all the things I needed in my hand…as did TT.

30 minutes later I was back and walked in again, past the table where my breakfast was signalling to me silently and pointing at itself.

I got out another bowl and repeated the entire process – quinoa flakes heated up with home made coconut milk, to which I again added a drizzle of chia seeds and a soupçon of flaxseeds. I again topped this with a half cup of berries – rasps to be precise.

Suddenly I remembered something I had to do. Take TT’s school shorts for repair. This was urgent and demanded that I put them on the table instantly before the thought left me as quickly as it had arrived. I got them and put them on the table.

I saw my first breakfast. I looked at it and remembered…

I swear those quinoa flakes, the chai seeds and the flax seeds, all organic and all brought from the UK in lieu of any new clothes, were laughing at me.

Or do you think I am imagining it?

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