January 2016 wasn't much better - how many tubes of toothpaste do we need?

January 2016 Wasn’t Much Better…

Alright enough of all that deep stuff. The reality was in January 2016 I was still overthinking lists and trying to get off Xanax and Cipralex. I had a eureka moment in the car one … Read more

The lie in - quiet please!

The Lie In

I would love to know if any of this is at all familiar. I had just managed to get to sleep. It was just before 5am. Oh no he woke, up and was swearing at … Read more

Awake at 1:06pm - hair's a mes

Awake At 1.06pm

You may well be wondering what this all means. Most people ARE awake at 13.06. However, as we know I am special, because I’m perimenopausal and I don’t sleep like other people do. Other mortals … Read more

Twice in one week - Carrie Mathison emotions

Twice In One Week

I know what you are thinking but you are wrong. It is this; I love Homeland and Carrie Mathison, who I swear is also perimenopausal as well as bi-polar. It is a wonderful series. I … Read more

And the dish ran away with the spoon

And The Dish Ran Away With The Spoon

For about a month I couldn’t stop singing the whole nursery rhyme. Ever since I lost my breakfast one morning that was. I always tried so hard to be organised. It is really important when … Read more

2.30AM AGAIN! the dogs are sleeping though


I thought you would like one of my most popular blog posts from last year. All about sleep! I did NOT mean to fall asleep at 9pm with my daughter. How many times have I … Read more

Two Year Anniversary

Two Year Anniversary

Hello From Dar, 29th SEPTEMBER 2014 – My Two Year Anniversary. Thanks to facebook for telling me… This was my FIRST post. I have been writing a blog about the menopause. Don’t log off! It … Read more