Breathing Is Underrated

Ok here we go with Part One to saving the planet.

The first thing we need to do to de-stress is learn to breathe. Remember I told you what being stressed was doing to millions of us? We need to step off the 24/7/365 treadmill. To do this we need to learn how to breathe.

I told you it was simple.

Except of course it isn’t. We don’t breathe properly. We should learn to breathe properly at school but we don’t. In fact, in most schools we are training the next generation to be highly stressed…

So yes, learn to breathe and the way to do that is to meditate

Research has shown that after 6 weeks of meditation, the clever, higher order part of the brain thickens and that helps us make better, non knee jerk decisions. I can never remember the name of that part of the brain. Anyway the non-reptilian part of our brains.

Isn’t that amazing?

The gold standard according to Deepak Chopra MD is 20 minutes twice a day. I’ve been meditating for years now off and on. And guess what – yes as soon as I was stressed I stopped doing it.

But for the past few months I have been doing it every day. It makes a huge difference to my creativity and productivity and focus. Even on my ability to shop effectively! I have been tracking it as well since November as this really helps.

There is a huge amount of noise around about how and where to mediate. Don’t listen to it. When I learnt I had a tape and a book written by a clinical psychiatrist who noticed that it helped her patients. I lent it to a friend years ago and never got it back so I can’t share the title but I will find it…

You build up your muscle memory by starting with 30 seconds a day until you get to 20 minutes. Think of it this way – if you did a full hour of hip hop dancing when you have not done any exercise for 2 years, you would be completely buggered. So don’t do that.

Build up slowly. 30 seconds can still be really effective so don’t be impatient and think that it will only work when you get to 20 minutes.

  • Sit comfortably.
  • Set your timer
  • Close your eyes
  • Keep still
  • Open your eyes when your timer goes off

That’s it

Try it.

Let me know how you did.

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