Time to review! How did you do?

Time To Review

So how did you do with your goal setting?  Did you track each day?  I find that if I don’t track each night, it is easy to start forgetting as the days merge into each … Read more

Kirsty Wark

To Kirsty Wark From Deborah Crowe

I haven’t seen the documentary The Insider’s Guide To The Menopause (BBC 2 SCOTLAND) because I can’t get my BBC iplayer to work where I live in Tanzania.  I have however read and shared the article … Read more

What is your plan then? Get your diary or planner out!

What’s Your Plan Now Then?

So now you have had a bit of an overview of the different components of your life which you need to pay attention to when you are over 40. You do as well if you … Read more

Measure yourself - why do women over 40 put on weight?

Why Do Women Over 40 Put On Weight?

According to Dr Tara Allmen the reason women put on more midriff weight once they hit 40 is because of their hormones. She is a doctor who actually specialises in medicine for women over 40. … Read more

Love people not things - go hug someone

Love People Not Things

Great quote from The Minimalists. Despite all the swanky kit we can get, research is showing that people in the western world are increasingly disconnected from each other and are lonely. We are herd animals … Read more

Why being kind is good for you - stroke a puppy!

Why Being Kind Is Good For You

When you are stressed. Well, when I was stressed. And when I feel myself getting stressed now, I know it makes me introspective and usually grumpy with other humans and road users. However I learnt … Read more

Breathing is underrated - meditating daily is excellent to reduce stress

Breathing Is Underrated

Ok here we go with Part One to saving the planet. The first thing we need to do to de-stress is learn to breathe. Remember I told you what being stressed was doing to millions … Read more