An Activist For What? These 26 Million Children Perhaps?

So at the end of August my lovely step-daughter asks me; why activist in your new title?

Don’t know if you have noticed but I have added Activist to the Author strapline on my facebook page. I also wanted to add public speaker but it wouldn’t fit. I have always had a problem with the bloody travelling boxes when I try to cut and paste and fiddlearse with IT settings.

I still do public speaking even though it is not in the strapline. Just thought I should say that in case you think that you have to stop doing something just because it won’t fit in a box.

What are you an activist about?

What a good question I thought. Well I need to be clear about setting out my stall. Well I thought again and then said, “I am going to bang on about all the things that are wrong in the world. Saying the same things I have been saying for THIRTY YEARS now but LOUDER as they AIN’T listening and I’m NOT happy.”

For example – see the food crisis advert in the image above? I took this on the London tube in July this year. I was appalled.

We nearly didn’t get out of the tube I was in such a lather. I was exclaiming to my friend and my child – “it is the EXACT same advert from ten years ago when I worked at Save the Children…” They managed to bundle me out of the tube. “Same countries just ten years later…”, I continued up the escalator.

Globally we waste enough food to feed the world's hungry, four times overWho cares? Who dies first?

Usually babies, toddlers and the under 5s.

There is enough money and food in the world. It is just all in the WRONG places. NOT ON.

For example one of the countries currently receiving masses of food aid for their poor darling starving little babies, somehow managed to send a MASSIVE delegation to the latest UN general assembly meeting. Can’t remember which one – they have so many flipping meetings. Allowances, flights. etc.

It is a sick world

The western donors would have colluded in this utterly corrupt and crippled system as well. I don’t need to mention names of countries actually because it is most countries most of the time.

We all prop up this system in fact. No country is exempt.

I was ranting at the TV in the UK when I saw all the new members of the UK cabinet coming into meetings with the new Prime Minister – all in SEPARATE cars. POSH, EXPENSIVE, VERY EXPENSIVE CARS. How can that be? Hundreds and hundreds of schools in the UK can’t afford to pay for nutritious lunches for the children. The future generation is being given crap food because it is cheaper to buy than fresh, wholesome food. Oh and the schools can’t afford teachers either.

Meanwhile in London, you have all these NEW cars for ministers.

I felt sure that President Magufuli of Tanzania would have stopped those cars being used. Just like he stopped all the civil servant business class flights when he took office.

I like the UK government’s strapline – something like – we are for the whole country.

That’s great – so how about they start either sharing the frigging cars or selling the cars and re-allocating the funds to the areas in the UK with the highest rates of childhood obesity? Or there are these things called BUSES and the ministers did all seem to have LEGS. Or even second hand cars. Or economy on the trains?

Why are their allowances such that they stop being ordinary people? Normal people don’t drive around in posh and expensive cars do they? Or if they DO, it is probably because they may actually have earned the money to buy the cars themselves instead of tax payers having to pay for them. I go for (very) second hand myself and preferably one with much dog hair.

So it is a global crime that so many children are either obese or starving

Both sides of the same coin. First time in the history of homo sapiens that there are more overweight and obese humans than starving ones. Two billion to one billion. Please re-read this paragraph.

The latest UN target gives us 15 years to end hunger and ensure access to sufficient nutritious food by all children, women and men – I think that means the ones in the one billion category. World Food Day is Sunday October 16th this year. I don’t really like these days as they can get quite gimmicky and be more about getting the t-shirts ready for whatever activity. Are they better than nothing? What do you think?

15 years hmmm. I have a feeling that this will be a rolling deadline and will require many meetings by many well fed people eating lovely food in lovely venues to ponder and wring their hands over.

I think if you DO want to DO something;

  • Join a Food Revolution Network
  • Write to your MP or representative and tell them that tiny babies, toddlers and little children dying year in and
    year out in preventable food crises is UNACCEPTABLE and a global disgrace.
  • Tell your friends to do the same – just one friend is enough. Go and make a friend if you don’t have one. This will give you a good excuse.
  • Become an activist…rant, share, blog, speak…

What else? I look forward to hearing from you.

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