I thought you would like one of my most popular blog posts from last year. All about sleep!

I did NOT mean to fall asleep at 9pm with my daughter. How many times have I said that?

My daugher had woken up boiling hot and put the air con on. It was 2.30am and I was in my spot squashed between her and the wall. Eileen was in her spot at the bottom of my daughter’s bed. Strange, my hubs usually puts the girls out when he gets in. He must be getting soft in his old age.

Rebecca was in her spot on the rug. She can get from there to under the bed in a nano second, when she hears hub’s car arriving. Her tail sticks out from under the bed, but she thinks he can’t see her, because she can’t see him. I get up and check the time. Daughter has gone back to sleep.

“Where shall I go now,” I muttered to myself. It is really hot, I need air con. It doesn’t work very well in the living room but I headed for there anyway.

I got my work from my bedroom, the dogs on my heels, and started working.

Suddenly the dogs are both on the sofa, pretending to be asleep.

“Off Eileen, off Rebecca,” I say sternly.

They completely ignore me. They are so disobedient.

They love me so much, but they don’t obey me

I tell them to get down again, they look in shock, that I have said it twice. I mean it this time and I push and poke them off. They play dead and refuse to move themselves. They last about 2 minutes on the floor, plotting and waiting for me to get engrossed in something. Then when I was busy Rebecca siddled onto one sofa, so stealthily I don’t notice, or that is what she thought. All part of the plan you see. Then Eileen saw her sister doing it, so she waited 10 minutes and then she did the same. She oozed her way on, like a snake. First one paw, then another and then she flattened her tummy and wriggled on and then one back paw and then the last paw. Triumph and she quickly closed her eyes to look pretendy asleep.

I glare at Rebecca, she plays cute, looking just too unbearably sweet for words, wags her tail, huge brown eyes looking at me limpidly. I glare at Eileen,whose tactics are completely different from her sister’s. She looks at me reproachfully, as if to say, “What? I was asleep you know.”

We go through the whole routine again.

After the third go. I have had enough and give up.

“Don’t think I don’t know you aren’t on,” I shouted at them whisperingly. You know how you do when you don’t want to wake the other mammals in the house. Rebecca wags her tail ready to be cute and Eillen shuts her eyes tighter and pretends to snore.

The sofa gets so hairy, I know it is horrible. My hubs has come a long way in his relationship with dogs, from natural enemy to being spotted patting them and blowing kisses. But he has a limit with beds and sofas.

“What are those dogs doing on the sofa?” he bellowed, giving us all a fright. Rebecca and Eileen were off the bloody sofas in a trice, and stood to attention. He opened the door and off they trotted.

“Just put them out,” he said. Just like that. “Just put them out.”

“But they scratch at the window when they see me, in here and they are a pest.”

“Who is in charge?” he asked.

“They are” I replied. Especially at 2.30am.

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