Dogs In Dar by Deborah Crowe - Humans should learn from us, we don't need tablets and chocolate to get to sleep

“Laugh out loud funny”

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The Darling Menopause The Shock Book by Deborah Crowe


“How long do you think it will last?” I asked. Thinking about two weeks with a course of antibiotics.

“Oh about ten years,” he replied merrily.

“No!” I screamed. “No.” I didn’t really of course, I was too conditioned for that.
Come and find out what I did do.

A humorous diary about the discovery of the peri-menopausal world and life lessons from it.



“A great read to reassure yourself that you are not alone – cheered me up no end!”

“Definitely a humorous look at the darling menopause. If you’re fed up of crying and need a release from the misery that the menopause can be then this will lift your spirits. An honest and at times raw account of that wonderful period in life many women endure. Made me laugh out loud where I should have been crying. A good read on a difficult and literally painful topic.”

“Wonderful writing, full of wry humour and a light-hearted look at life as we struggle to maintain our composure and keep a brave face during turbulent times. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and could identify with the author’s experiences. A great read to reassure yourself that you are not alone – cheered me up no end!”

The Darling Menopause Super Sorted Book by Deborah Crowe



I realised that I had it ALL WRONG. It wasn’t the hormones fault, it was the lifestyle for too many years – too much work, too much stress and not enough down time. My body just came and bit me on the bum to make me pay attention until I learnt how to redress the balance.”

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Dogs In Dar by Deborah Crowe - click to get your copy


A dog’s insightful views on how the family they live with deal with stress – or not as the case maybe.

Set in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania – the author’s home, this cartoon strip should make you laugh out loud as well as think….hmmm do I do that?

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Reviews of 2016 Workshops and NEW Online Course shutterstock_74037589.pdf

“What I did not know was the effect cortisol can have on your body, and how we can be stressed on so many levels. What I learned was some skills to cope with stress…, time management, exercise, how to have realistic goals. All of which many of us know….but having it explained in a concise and often humorous way made sense of it all. I found these workshops very helpful….there is so much information on these topics out there….and in our heads…it can be hard to make sense of it all ! Deborah broke it all down into simple facts and helped everything become clearer. I felt energized by the workshops and as one who is not so keen on workshops this is praise indeed!” Rita

“After one week I left a toxic event which I would never have done if I hadn’t been to Deborah’s workshop. I have been making sure I build relationships with the people who I actually want to be with.”  Ahlia

“I really wanted to get through the next few years feeling well and without medication. The workshops really helped me with this – I now know how having breakfast sets you up for not just the whole day but how you will sleep as well. I am feeling so much better. Thanks so much for all the good ideas.” Helen

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How To Plan Your Day So You Work Rest And Play. Oh And Lose Weight!


February 2017 – If Not Me, Then Who? 
A personal campaign to get us all to do more for our planet, without having to make TOOO much effort.
Corona Society of Tanzania

Reviews from March 2016 – How To Find The Wonder Woman Within Us All
Corona Society of Tanzania

“It was a pleasure to have you. Everyone really enjoyed it and they did not grumble about the time!

Your talk was really engaging, informative and of course funny. We would love to have you back another time if you are willing to.”

Jumana Saifee – President Corona Society

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Dogs In Dar cartoon strip

About Deborah

Deborah CroweI am an ex teacher and aid worker of 30 years, currently living in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania with my daughter, hubs and three dogs, Picasso, Eileen and Rebecca. I only started writing comic non-fiction when I finished a major piece of work in 2014 and was wondering what to do next. As I am always a bit hyper – the “next” was a blog about life as a middle aged women learning about the peri-menopause for the first time. The blog then became a book, after I did a course and found out about self-publishing.

I found the way to deal with the unpalatable hormonal changes was to write about them and then “outing” myself to raise awareness.. Skills learnt in my activist days of trying to change the world.  I had spent years writing reports and project and programme proposals and had always hated that type of writing. It was so dry and with no opportunity for the human element.  When friends and families used to laugh at the descriptions of my “mood swingy” days, I started writing as I spoke and I have been using that approach ever since.

One thing led to another – from writing I started doing talks and then public speaking at larger events.  It started out with me wanting to share what I had learnt in three years of curating information about the menopause.  After I had learnt about that I realised that it wasn’t just hormones or this time of life – it was lifestyle.   Certainly mine – too much work, too much stress, too much work in places with macho cultures about stress.  I was a basket case and my body was trying to tell me. It had been trying to tell me for years.

Something rather fabulous happens when your hormones shift and you get older, I feel a burning need to tell people what they need to do differently and generally boss them around.  Funnily enough they seem to like it.   NO-ONE knows hardly anything about peri-menopause, menopause as there is still so much stigma around.

I always want to try to change the world in my own small way, using humour as the weapon to create awareness of women’s health and the need for women to take better care of themselves so that they can help save the planet.  I have extended my writing to include perspectives on what I call the global crime of child hunger, why current education is just wrong, child protection and my dog’s view of humans…

From my speaking I started running workshops. These again started iteratively as talks at friend’s house’s and have developed over the past year.  As a course-a-holic myself I have just finished developing an on line course – STRICTLY FOR WOMEN – How to plan your day so you work, rest and play…oh and lose weight.  There was a lot of demand from women who were working or who had young children and who couldn’t make a face to face event.

2017 should be a good year.

Thank you for joining me.  Here is to all our health!